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Neat puzzler. The puzzles seem to tend toward more toward complexity than depth, but the design space is explored thoroughly and the difficulty curve is good. Well done.

good job, cool game stuck in it for like an hour

This game is so nice👍

It would be impossible for me without the pause function😅


O-22 is difficult


I'm stuck on level 14. My Solution (URULR RRUR URRLL LU U UL) requires 1 move to much. Help appreciated.

I'm stuck on this one, too.

And your solution is even closer than mine😄

But we're thinking the wrong way!

Deleted post

This was the last game of yours I had not played! But man, I wish I played it sooner. Lots of fun and a huge challenge! I finally had to look up a guide for the last couple of levels in the third world, tower. It was not until after I finished watching the guide did I realize it was made by you--thank you! Wonderful game as usual. I love when you incorporate a fun story dialogue. I enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy your creativity with the secret rooms etc in the other games!


You should make a version that allows players to build their own levels and share them. That would be really cool.