A skill-based puzzle game about a teleporting robot. Warp your way through over 70 different levels, filled with mind-warping puzzles and challenges.

When a little robot wakes up in an abandoned factory, it is up to you to guide it through an unknown world. What challenges might await outside of the factory?

- Arrow keys/WASD: Warp, move in menus
- Space/Enter/Z/K: Confirm
- X/Backspace: Back
- R: Restart level
- P/Esc: Pause
- C: Move camera (hold)
- G: Change grid settings
- M: Mute game
- T and Y: Special functionality after beating the game


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good job, cool game stuck in it for like an hour

This game is so nice👍

It would be impossible for me without the pause function😅

O-22 is difficult


I'm stuck on level 14. My Solution (URULR RRUR URRLL LU U UL) requires 1 move to much. Help appreciated.

I'm stuck on this one, too.

And your solution is even closer than mine😄

But we're thinking the wrong way!


Underrated and great game, deserves a higher rating.


This was the last game of yours I had not played! But man, I wish I played it sooner. Lots of fun and a huge challenge! I finally had to look up a guide for the last couple of levels in the third world, tower. It was not until after I finished watching the guide did I realize it was made by you--thank you! Wonderful game as usual. I love when you incorporate a fun story dialogue. I enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy your creativity with the secret rooms etc in the other games!


You should make a version that allows players to build their own levels and share them. That would be really cool.