You find yourself hopelessly lost in a very dense, mysterious fog at sea. Explore its many isles, each filled with strange puzzles and ancient structures. Find various clues containing unsolved riddles, and find your way forward. The Fog holds many secrets.
Don't give up hope, or the Fog might claim you...

The glowworms will show the way.


Discuss your findings in my brand-new Discord server:


Arrow keys / WASD: Move
Z / J: Interact, use item, confirm
X / K: Toggle clues
C / L: Scroll through clues
Space: Open inventory
P / Esc: Pause
M: Mute

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Dark, Exploration, mind-bending, Pixel Art, Retro, secrets, Singleplayer, Top-Down


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Can't figure out the order of the trees someone help why is there a hole in the paper :ccccc

It just means that each tree has a distinguishing feature that sums to a number.

thank you that seems so simple now i thought there was some secret meaning xD

AAAA Im stuck in the void on the last lever (the one on the north)

You need to arrange the glowworms using the table on the wall. I know it's easier said than done but it's the only way.

yeah I managed! thanks so much :D

I was truly lost in the game but finally managed to get out from the fog.

Some clues were ambiguous fortunately it's not hard to inspect all possibilities and found the correct one.

Now the only thing left is the stone slab. I've found one crystal but still missing the other two.

I've reviewed my journey and finally managed to solve the mystery: Crimsonbeard's hidden treasure. Wasn't expecting to see that in the treasure room but at least I got shiny stuff from it ;).

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Good job finding the treasure! that was the most secret thing in the game!

yes it was. it really was. 


Good game, hopefully there's more. (Gurer'f n frperg ynzc va Jvfqbz [2], rot13)

Gurer jnf zber.

Need to find where that third thing is to unlock the third piece of the path. Already found the one underneath the candle hut. And one after digging the X. But where's the third one?

top right corner of the 4x5 puzzle in the hut

It's on island with fortress. Yes the one with big animal guarding the bridge. Instead of entering the fortress, walk around outside the fence until you reach the south end.

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ok cool, I'm stuck on the secret puzzle now

stuck on the fourth clue

nevermind I got it

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what do I do with the axe I keep chopping down trees and nothing is happening T-T

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you need to find the right order to do it... maybe there is a clue, somewhere?

The mystery was very scattered and very enjoyable!

I like how the mystery, which at first is completed only on that island, gradually develops into a puzzle that uses all the ocean areas.

Especially when I solved the cannon puzzle, it was a great feeling!

loved it ! it took me like 1h30. I got puzzled by the shovel. I had it before knowing why and found 3 statues shovling around randomly.

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if you want spoilers then move all of the gibberish one key to the left

the puzzle that made me feel the smartest was the one with yjr vsmmpm smf yjr pyjrt od;smf. 

my favorite ;smyrtm ;pvsyopm was the C ,sfr pg h;peept,d pm yjr ;ohjyjpidr od;smf ejrtr upi jsf yp ,pbr gst sesu dp yjru djpe i[. 


I also liked the puzzle that esd vsmmpm [;id pyjrt od;smf [sty yep r;rvytov npphs;pp. 

Just completed bullet hell. Very fun! Although I do agree with the other comments that it doesn't fit very well in line with the rest of the game. Felt more like a revamp of "World's Hardest Game" and should probably be it's own separate game. I will be back nonetheless for the future update with the second half! Thank you Ferociter.


How can you actually find the bullet hell?


There are timestamps for each secret in the description:

Thanks, nice!

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so I found the secret place with lamps, how would I know I've solved the puzzle? like do I just get a lamp, or do I have to dig or something?


This was awesome! I loved the puzzles, secrets, cryptic notes, all of it! 'Lost in Firefly Forest' was already a game I loved, and this game was its incredible spiritual sequel! I really hope there's more 'Lost in ___' games. Your creations are perfect, Ferociter! 10/10!


LOVED this game! First time I've ever managed to beat a Ferociter game without looking up the walkthrough so I'm feeling proud of myself :)

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very, VERY cool game, absolutely loved it!!!  


Great game as always! But I lose both clues and the lantern after a while. I can not really finish the game until this bug is fixed.

I highly suspect your cookies are not saved properly. When you start up the game, does the game greet you with the image below?

If not, local save data is lost somehow at some point (lamp and clues depend on global save data), which could also be a weird Itch-specific issue. I'm afraid there's a high likelihood it's out of my control, but I'll have a thorough look at it.

Maybe switch browsers or wait until the Armor release if you're willing to give it another attempt.

Okay, will check with another browser later. I am using standard Safari browser on a Mac.

I deleted the Safari  browser history and started over the game. I came to the fourth island maybe, left the computer for 1/2 hour and when I came back my clues and inventory were both empty. There was no warning sign about cookie settings at start up. I will try Firefox now.

It works well in the Firefox browser.

Puzzling, but glad it works now. Thank you for keeping me updated.

Has anyone else hit a bug where the lantern disappears from the ship? I've gotten stranded a couple of times because of this.


its so dumb that i can't use my axe to fight the stupid cat

That's not dumb, you're not supposed to fight the cat ;-) I found the cat a bit annoying. It's a 2-step process, first you have to wake it, then you have to look it into the eye.


but i have axe which deal more dmg

and i did not found any button and any switch, how am i going to do anything with it

It's not about damage, it's about solving the puzzle in the way it was intended to be solved, if you're into dealing damage to overcome obstacles you should play a different type of games ;-) 

I can give you a spoiler if you want ... look below.

You first have to wake the cat with the cannon (use the long fuse), then look it in the eye (this was mentioned on some hint note) by using the action button as soon as it looks up. Not sure anymore if you need any additional items for this to work.

dude i dont even see there are a cannon

you have to solve the puzzle first, maybe it has something to do with the focus point on the castle island?

heck yeah!!!

Nice game. Stuck on the fourth island, help?

Which one's that?


NVM, I figured it out

where use shovel and how wake up 3 eyed cat

nvm i woke it up im actually so smart

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Any vague hints?

Edit: Woke up the cat, now I'm stuck there.

Phew, I'm amazed how many details are lost to me already ... is the house behind the cat already open? There was a door, right?

Yeah there was a door, and yes it's open. It's the room with a bunch of light beam things in it and what look like the things to receive the light, but I have been randomly making them point at the things and nothing seems to be happening

Ah right, if I remember correctly, they should indeed all point exactly through the top of the other (receiving) pilons, each beam should cross one of them, then something will happen.

to wake up cat, make a loud bang and then interact with it when its alerted

Also to unlock the big diamond tower, point all lighthouses there pretty simple if u have the clue from the starting island in the crate

To unlock door past the cat you have to use your lighter at the very first island at the start of the game

im literally stuck on the first puzzle help T-T

With the islands? Or the intro puzzle with the light beams? Could you be a bit more descriptive? ;-)


srry i figured it out, it was the light beams


I have a hunch we might be seeing you here a few times more, asking questions ;-) 


its always a good day when ferociter posts 🔥🔥🔥





help! i can't figure out the forway puzzle to get the flag

Which part of the fourway puzzle exactly? In the crossroad dungeon you mean? Left, right, up or down?

Where am I supposed to use the shovel?


Multiple places actually, there are four clues hidden somewhere that tell you exactly where to dig. However, I forgot where to find these clues, but maybe this helps already :) Maybe I can't be of much help in hindsight, haha.

Are they intuitive? Like if I think about it, would I be able to figure it out? Or should I just go check every pixel? Thanks for the help with all of the other things btw

No pixel hunting needed, as soon as you find those four hints they are easy to follow, some thinking is involved, but not much.

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I don't even know where those clues are, currently looking for them

Can't remember anymore either, sorry ...


ok I found them, they're inside the fortress

Thoroughly enjoyed this game, challenging puzzles with very rewarding results. Completed the normal ending, I'm not sure where to start to find the lamps. Any help?

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There are timestamps for each secret item in the description:

How did you get the clue for the lighthouses?


I enjoyed this game a lot except for the secret bullet dodge style temple because it seems like it doesn't fit in with the rest of the game which is a casual puzzle game due to that section being a precision top down platformer. That section existing surprised me because this game isn't anything like the Tower of the Scorched Sea or Temple of the 4 Serpents and both of those games have hazard dodging sections and boss fights like the secret area in this one does.


This was quite neat overall, minus having to protect my feet instead of my head in the danmaku section because that feels fundamentally wrong on so many levels that it makes dodging highly unintuitive. I guess there's not much way around it, though, if you're using the collision-box as the hurt-box, cuz otherwise it'd look like the PC is clipping through walls.

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Yes, I still think this hitbox makes the most sense as well. However, for the next update I'll see if having the option to make the hitbox visible during that session improves it and if it doesn't get too cluttered visually.
Thanks for the feedback!


Ok that was really good and challenging, keep up the good work!


Nice! Finished it, not sure what everyone is talking about in their spoilers below, but to me it felt like a proper ending, or at least, I was hoping for some 'pirate stuff', but this ending fits the game at least. Not sure about the secrets mentioned below either, haven't found any unfortunately.

But, all in all, good game!!! Nice atmosphere, nice linking together of the island puzzles. Felt fair mostly, think I was able to finish with only two times peaking below in the walkthrough vid, but only for some inspiration actually. Was able to figure it for myself mostly.

Anyway, to summarize: nice! Nice mechanics, nice atmosphere, nice puzzles, nice balance!

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Very nice so far! Kinda stuck at the top one of the 4 levers for the candles. Can't figure out where to move, yet. I will continue trying, but a vague hint is always nice :) 

Ugh: Power of posting has never been this powerful, seconds after posting this I figured out the mechanism ;-) 

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Now worried I kicked the ball in a hole I should not have, it also does not reset ...

Edit: Ok, figured this out now as well

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Now I'm stuck here. Just double checking the same strategy

Edit: Nope didn't work

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How did you get it out? Or are you even supposed to?

Edit: It worked again

Haha so, you're still unstuck currently? I can also provide actual help if power of posting stops working.

I'm stuck after kicking the ball down the hole. plz help

The island with the hole and bulls eye is connected to a different island where you have to actually use that ball.

where did the ball go?

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I'm also stuck here so I'm  going to comment so I get it

Edit: I'm so upset this actually works. Literally like 30 seconds

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Hahahaha, thanks for giving me a laugh :-) Also happy for you that it worked!

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Wow I loved this game...right up until it...stopped being this game. The puzzles and exploration are super fun, I love the basic concept with the fog-outs and going to different islands. The puzzles were tricky but had a nice difficulty curve, I had a bit of trouble with one of the [REDACTED] but found everything eventually. If this game had ended at the regular ending, I would give it 5 stars! As it is...4.5.

Spoilers below:

It did not. Exploring for the three lamps was very fun, I will say, and collecting the glowworm and reaching the final island was very in line with the rest of the game.

...then it...became a bullet hell.

Now, I understand the concept of a difficult final challenge. And I suppose this was technically that. But it was COMPLETELY UNRELATED to the skills the rest of the game had been building up, culminating with a boss fight that quickly made me realize my main motivation to continue forward was to see if something remained that would be more in line with the rest of the game. Then I beat it, and...nothing. The other two parts of the final temple aren't finished yet, and I had finished the current content of the game.

I don't think I'd have a problem with the bullet hell stuff as part of a different game...apart from the funky hitbox that I don't like having to keep track of. (Messes with my instincts.) But in this game, it just feels out of place. Maybe if earlier sections had something resembling it,, I honestly think the best option would be to make that part its own game and rework the true ending. And if you HAVE to keep it...please, PLEASE let the other two paths be some other twist on the formula that's less precision-focused. And maybe ease up on the difficulty of this section a bit. 

Four and a half stars, would play again right up until before entering the secret temple. Saving my actual review for when it's finished.

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Was not expecting this game to turn into a bullet hell.

not complaining though

Cleared the game after 1 day!

By the way seems there’re any extras?

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There's a secret island with a pretty tough bullet hell game there

oh my these are so hidden! thanks!


Very cool game. I played together with my daughter, on different computers, helping each other. Walkthrough:

Superb game. Nice puzzles with thoughtful solutions that required revisiting islands. Reminds me of Monkey Island without the puns. A few places where the clues required a lot of guesswork, but felt they were fair in retrospect. The tree cutting puzzle was probably the hardest. My guess is the game might be harder for non-native English speakers?

Fun fact: species in the True Firefly family (Lampyridae) are called lampyrids, though other insect families also contain "glowworms" (bioluminescent larvae)

yes, that's how you know it's related to firefly forest

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just beat it, another great game! I wonder what all these secrets do (found 2 so far)

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I can't believe that clue is it.


Great game! I managed to beat it ^^

Love the clues, so satisfying when you get it right :)

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