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I finally beat it!!!

If anyone needs clues, I'll help to the best of my ability (and memory)

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There must be some kind of clue I'm missing, because I can't find the clue that tells me how to go around the stumps. I did force the well mazes, but I don't think that's what's causing my possibly sequence breaking related confusion. I've figured out what the fireflies clue is for, but I don't know what the W -> W means

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follow the fireflies, that gets you the stump clue

Yeah, but I don't know what W->W means

Wow, I thought I already tried west west, but I guess not!

erm i have managed to find the first clue and the well but thatts it...


super fun game, but i'm so stuck! how do i solve the swirl puzzle? i understand the part with the numbers, but what do the W's mean?? D: i tried going west, but it didn't work (unless i got my directions mixed up?)

How do you find the moon? I've gotten the well clue, the circles clue, taken all of the wise women paths, and gotten the clue in the lake giant cave. I've also solved the tree/clock puzzle

!spoiler warning!

double check all of the details in the various structures, you might have missed a certain symbol

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!minor spoiler, maybe!

thank you, now I just need to find out what to do in the area with three stumps

And also what the firefly puzzle means. I think it's related to the stumps, right? how does it work, though?

sorry for the late response but you're supposed to walk around the three stumps in the way it shows on the clue. Basically it starts at the middle bottom and ends where the arrow is. I hope that makes sense lol

Dude I was shaking so hard towards the end

yall im so confused at the metal box part

spoiler ahead


















You need a clue. It has to see with the graveyard. 


probs 2020 now that i think of it



do you have the moon clue? If so, check the details of the structures again

The puzzles doth make my brain ache.

really hard

I did it! Took me a while but I did it!!! Let me know if you need help with any of the puzzles. I can actually help you now that I've finished it!!!


Please help me with the part where I have fireflies clue, and also I need to figure out what to do with the stumps. I thinnk they're related, but I'm not sure.

Nope, the stumps are a different clue. You're supposed to go around them in this really weird pattern that you'll find later :)

Awesome ahh!

The one I got stuck is not knowing where to use the shovel!

Also I brute force through the maze on the right  😣

cool game! i really enjoyed the puzzles.

I speedrun this for all clues + ending, my best time is 00:06:23.84

yelp if you dont want to find that clue theres the maze :D

i just found a clue that showd the answer....

hello hi where's the clue im so stuck

formatings a little weird for some reason but heres the entire map of the cart maze, your welcome :D

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                                    |X|X|X|  |X|X|X|X|




              |X|X|       |X|X|0|0|0|X|0|X|0|0|X|






                          |X|X|X|X|X| |X|X|   |X|X|X|





i keep hitting a wall when i'm going down at the bottom of the maze? is there are recommended route to take?

OK so here's the real answer to the mine cart maze. When you dig the grave on the screen with tombstones and find a big paper with a maze cut right onto it, you don't look at it to guess the steps. You display the clue and then move the cart inside the paper itself! I could only finish the game after watching playthroughs.

heres the answer the the invisable cart maze in the cave 5 spaces north of the witches statue

so you dont have to :D


i spent hours doing this...

it took so long..


Broken for me I think. The pebbles respawn after I enter the guy's mouth, and block my exit from the pond with the statue in it.

Did you try changing your cookie settings? I think blocking cookies sometimes breaks the game's save system. If not you might have to use a different browser


I really liked the note about the fourth wise woman. instantly figuring it out made me feel very smart


I loved every second of this game. I like everything. The music and the artwork were perfect. Controls and UI were simple. The puzzles were fairly simple yet not overly easy. Clues were vague enough to keep things interesting. I loved the exploration and seeing what came next. If you enjoy indie games. I recently discovered the dev's work through Armor Games by accident looking for an old favorite and loved everything I came across. I especially liked the Cursed Travels series and in particular, I really liked Below the Factory. All of them had a certain uniqueness that really stood out even among his other games, which each stood out as well. (Such as Temple of the Four Serpents and Cataractae.) I really hope to see more and maybe even some larger projects. Thank you for some very memorable times. I really enjoyed the trips through your worlds.

"Well, if you like everything, of course you like this game. That doesn't mean it's any good."

(I just thought it was funny that you said it that way)


W game


My bro be makin some sick beats


That hour was worth it

Beating this game for the first time feels so good. Heck, beating this game feels good even if it's your 50th time.


does anyone know how to get past the tree riddle? I am extremely "stumped" and I need some help.  

How could I resist helping out a fellow chicken? Sorry it's so late, but for the tree riddle, [spoilers below]

I think he wants to know what time it is, and then you might be able to get somewhere.

Also I just realized you'd asked for help in the exact same spot and I'd replied two months earlier lol



Is there a secret room in this game too? If there is, I can't find it for the life of me.

Less of a room, more of a path

Can you give me a hint? I've made it through the end, but I can't for the life of me figure this thing out.

One of the mazes down the well allows you to go out of bounds

Oh, yeah, that's part of the path to complete it, though.

You need to fully investigate that area


I found a secret sign! Unfortunately the prize was something I already have a lot of

oh btw i noticed you find a lot of secrets in other games. like tower of the scorched sea.

fellow completionist

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In the maze for the plunger, you need to go outside the maze to complete it, but that path goes further as well. The extra paths also only seem to be accessible from one direction (i.e. if you're pressing left while going up you won't enter the secret path, but you can if you're pressing left while going down)

turns out i also have a lot of what the prize is :|
i prefer the disco secret in the soul mirror game

i wonder if the fishing game has a secret

Which one was the plunger? Was it grass, dots, or invisible walls?

Invisible walls

I really like this game, but I'm stuck on the spooky tree. does anyone know how to do it, because I am really confused

Did you read what was on the other tree in that area? That hint applies right there in the same area (and nearby). You'll know you've done it right because you'll get one new note from that puzzle.

Thank you! I came here from the Terry Cavanagh's free game of the week, and this was a wonderful delight! The whole mechanics of wandering through the woods supported the theme of magical forest very very nicely.


Your games have been some of the freshest puzzles I've played in a while! I love how the logic in this one builds on top of itself as you learn the rules. Pretty great going from "How did I even get to the well" to "okay, if I turn counter clockwise, walk down until I hit the tower, turn clockwise, go back and forth through each exit...". Never felt fully stumped but definitely felt challenged! Great game, thanks for making it!

bro what happened the the other lost soul? (my personal suggestion and I know its dark, add her body somewhere in the bottom of the well)

other than that I think this is a perfect indie game but man I was so confused once I got the Toilet paper because I skipped the left section in the bottom part of the well and got the TP cuz I was like OOH PLUNGER so yeah


One of the note symbols looked like a potion to me when it was actually a well; this stumped me indefinitely. Great game!


lolll i actually thought the well symbol was toilet at first hahah

It looked like toilet paper to me ;-;

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Wow! This is a really interesting game! I really like it :D

Anyways, here is what I’ve figured out so far:

/!\ Spoilers ahead /!\

(Starting from any position) So, if you walk back and forth multiple times, you will eventually get to the Well.

(Starting from any position) If you walk in a loop (clockwise), you will eventually get to the Three Wise Women

(Starting from any position) If you walk in a loop (counter-clockwise), you will eventually get to a lake.

(Starting from the Three Wise Women) If you walk north continuously, you will eventually get to a place with a roped-off door

(Starting from the Three Wise Women) If you walk east continuously, you will eventually get to a spiral

(Starting from the Three Wise Women) If you walk west continuously, you will eventually get to an outhouse

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Hello there! I was taking my time enjoying the mystery ambience while playing, and I happened to found the "mausoleum"  the ghost led me to after I completed the graveyard puzzle, but once I entered and messed with the unlit candles (doing nothing, since I didn't get the lighter yet...) suddenly locked me out, and now I can't get in... 

  I was just wondering if that was in the game design! I feel like I did something wrong to potentially messed up my run and will have to start over...

Edit: It appears I have a messed up memory and head instead of messed run! The candles are in the tower, not the strange building I THOUGHT I had gone into! Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Edit 2: Well, It turns out the "mausoleum"  has the rope inside Which I had already gotten! Who would have thought of that!? My mind is breaking apart Ferociter, and your game is to blame! xD


some of the most bastard puzzles i've ever seen in games are here


5/5 the only thing is i cant get past the castle to 3 sisters ect

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