After a hike you find yourself lost in a mysterious, dark forest.
Solve its many riddles and puzzle your way out, or wander for all eternity.

- Arrow keys/WASD: Moves
- Z/J: Interact
- X/K: Open clues
- C/L: Scroll through clues
- Space: Open inventory
- P: Pause
- M: Mute
- Q (when paused): Quit to title screen


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No wonder Bart Bonte said this was his favorite game of 2020.  This was a lot of fun.  Wasn't sure I'd be able to keep up with the three circles, but zooming in and taking a few extra seconds to wander correctly worked the first time.

Great game for puzzlers.

i am really stumped on the maze thing under the well not the invisible one but the dot one

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I completed it and didn't get anything? it just put me back at the beginning.

i still have not played it

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-What a gem!- 

This game had me hooked for 2 and a half hours before I completed it. The riddles were the perfect difficulty to get me stumped for a while then feel very smart when I solved them. The simple but original storyline and gameplay were just enough to keep me exploring and curious. The art and music suited the game and were engaging to interact with.

I just can't say enough good things about this game. Amazing work, can't wait to see more games from you in the future : )

I loved it, with all of its hints and clues, but...

When you have to complete a bunch of invisible mazes that set you back at the beginning if you scuff them... It's a little frustrating.

Otherwise, the visuals are minimalistic but descriptive, the actual forest/overworld puzzles and gameplay are really fun, I love it.

This is absolutely one of the best puzzle games. Really cool stuff 🔥🔥🔥

my guy really used the fire emoji?

three times, no less


Lovely game! Challenging, but not frustrating to the point of giving up. I got that sense of accomplishment when I completed it!

My 1 question is; what happened to my buddy stuck in the forest with me?


Easily my favorite game I've ever played on itch, one of the best ways to spend an hour or two. Thank you so much for making this game.


I made a video walkthrough! Here it is:

I also recorded myself explaining the puzzles as I went, so hopefully it'll help you understand what I'm doing.

When is someone posting the walkthrough to this?

Here it is!

finished and loved it!  i love puzzle games and wow that one was hard, good job!

Big glitch to report: when exiting to the menu or finishing the game, starting a new game and picking up the first note seems to cause it to crash entirely, more often than not. (I think I'm the only one who's run into this because I'm trying to develop a speedrun route! Many of the puzzles can be skipped with notes.)

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Thank you very much for reporting, I'm looking into it. So far I've only managed to replicate the bug once after 30+ attempts, so it might take a while.

Edit: Found the issue, the bug should now be fixed. Good luck with the speedrun!

Thanks so much! Glad I was able to help. I wonder why it was happening so often for me.

Here's my first speedrun attempt:

I did one more like this and got a 3:56, but this is the one where I kinda explained what I was doing a little. I hope you enjoy seeing me ruin the intended order...

Very nice game, I love riddles like these and minimalistic visuals! Had fun solving it, good job!

This is confusing.

im not sure if this is just an issue im having but whenever i get to the stone faces and enter said stone faces, i cant ever leave the pond?

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That's a glitch, I think it has to do with cookies. Try disabling your privacy settings.

stuck on the spiral and the metal box, any hints?

You need paper hints for both of those: the "paper with holes in it" and the firefly hint. Both should be fairly intuitive once you have them out in the appropriate places.

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do you know where i could find these?

ive got a paper hint on toilet roll that has a castle first but i cant find it :/

nevermind i found it