As the night grows darker, the sounds from the abandoned factory grow louder. Ever since all those workers passed away there years ago, nobody has ever dared to set foot on its accursed grounds. That is until tonight...

Join renowned curse investigator Farold Roberts and his trusty flying companion Atzlar, as they attempt to rid a haunted factory from a frighteningly strong aggregation of lost souls. Through puzzling and exploration you should be able to seal away something as terrible as this.

Cursed Travels: Sunken City will be a massive entry in the Cursed Travels series, featuring all-new content, many mysteries, and skeletons.

Arrow keys / AD: Move
Z / K / Up / W: Jump
X / L: Interact
Down / S: Crouch
P: Pause
H: Show talisman
M: Mute

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Dark, Exploration, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Spooky, Two colors


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art I made of this game I made a little over a year ago. and by art I mean I took a screenshot of me playing the game and attempted to make a 1:1 replica of the image I took on a random online pixel art website. 

the weird spinny thing with the fire was an arsepain because the first screenshot I took that part was blurry so I had to take the screenshot again but I moved a tiny bit and it looked different because of the moving layers in the background so I had to try and move back and more slightly painful things occured such as having to keep the forklift wheels consistent with what I already made and the page reloading. 

I decided to try and find out how many layers of background  there are in the main room and counted 9. is that correct?

Well, close. The main room has the following pieces of decor, every single one on a different depth, from furthest away to closest to the player:

- Stars and the moon (stationary)
- Wall with large windows
- Scaffolds with stairs in between
- "Scaffolds" hanging from the ceiling
- Crates on the floor
- Diagonal support bars
- More "scaffolds"(?) hanging from the ceiling
- More crates on the floor
- Vertical support bars
- Lamps and chains hanging from the ceiling
- More diagonal support bars
- More lamps and hooks hanging from the ceiling
* Layer with the player where the actual game takes place

That's 12 in the background (not counting the player), although technically the mountains you see in the intro are still present, but I don't think you can actually see them anywhere through the windows in that room. If you count those, that'd be 14 differently moving parts of background.

i maayy have neglected my hw thats due tmrw but oh welll


The clock's a annoying one, so just set it to 1:30. 

you're welcome.


Will Sunken City be available and playable outside of Steam? (I'm using a Chromebook.)

Uhh, good question. Right now I have no plans for other platforms, but that could change.
I'll look into it more, but from what I gather there might still be options via Steam for certain Chromebooks(?)

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this is our favourite series! probably the easiest of the lot, but the puzzles were fun, and having little buddy do the action segment felt very right. they feel underutilized in the other games, and separating the tasks like that just makes it work perfectly.

ps. hype as hell for the sunken city!


i love how they high five at the end of every game


It's such a nice touch

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somehow this happened and now I can´t get to the secret room

I think Atzlar broke his arm and wing in the opening of the boss fight.


Wow! This is the first Cursed Travels game I've actually beaten. I love the series, but the puzzles are just so brutally difficult. Anyways, I'm going to wishlist Sunken City to support you.

Is Sunken City going to be an all in one plus new content bundle? It looks pretty epic.


Thanks! Sunken City will be an entirely new game; all brand-new content.
Might do a bundle of the webgames with extras at some point (before or after Sunken City), but that'll be a separate thing.

The way the investigator got stuck in the tree was so funny!

There are 3 hidden doors in the game.

1. Entering the basement, some blocks blocking the way on the other ending

2. The oil room, a locked door on the left

3. The boss fight, the talisman summoning room, on the right

(number 1 means on the right)

(2 edits)

2 and 3 are likely two sides of the same door.

1 is probably a way to reach the vertical tunnel were you end up after the first round with the wheel while controlling the gargoyle.

These are probably just artifacts so the whole map makes sense.

On the other end, there is some hidden room with additional information about the factory.

I'm still not sure if there is an additional secret since the hidden room doesn't mention the sunken city as did the secret rooms from the previous games of the series.

There is a locked door in the boss fight. Maybe a secret ending?


I had to get a guide because I didn't know the forklift could actually lift. I was thinking of the Halo: Reach forklift which is more of a joke vehicle.

Excellent game as always.

okey this one is more difficult lol

got only 6

edit i got all seven

got 11 but that ss it hmm what abou y all guys


there's like 17

dude i played the two other episode at a point in episode two i almost finished the puzzle blocks but it was too hard now i don t knew if i lost my progress in armorgames website


I love this series--! Especially how it seems to grow a little with every title. Wishlisted Sunken City on Steam--Can't wait to play it!



Yeah I love how they tied that in

First: candles, second: wi... weak holy water, third: double seal devices and now: one seal talisman to copy.

Anyways, another good puzzle game. This time the rules of each puzzle are different but the goal are the same. Oh I should give credit to double puzzle (one device to solve 2 puzzles) in that room.

But the best credit to allow playing as gargoyle here. It's about time, maybe the two could work together in Sunken City ;).

I can't say if boss battle if the best one (compared to the second) but it's better than the previous one for sure :D.

I'm a huge fan of this series (seriously fantastic work) and love speedrunning the games. That being said, a simple skip cutscenes button would be incredible if you could add that in future additions.

This was a unique and fun puzzle platformer. Great work! 

Great and impressive puzzle platform. 


i cant find a way of opening the door on the left


Check out here.


Video does not show how to get through door :(

Instead of going there, go back to the warehouse on the start and press X or L. It will say:

"Some force is blocking the door. Perhaps more seals will weaken the aggregation to open?"


Nooooo. Ferociter joining my "Needs third party cookies enabled" wont-touch-list. Damn.

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Later note: This only seems to be an issue here. Played at a competing site, where the game worked fine, even though I also have third party cookies disabled there.

(and of course it's brilliant. It's Ferociter, so no way is wasn't)


I absolutely love the way that you make new mechanics for this series and have them implemented in fluid ways! We went from candles, to scanning, to holy water and shifting dungeons, and now we have amulet recreation!


Great game, can't wait for the full Steam game!


These games are all so creative and atmospheric. I wait with baited breath for the full version!

Also, love the inclusion of secrets. Epic.

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Oh, his name is Farold, which literally just means "mighty traveller", and Roberts, which just means "fame, bright".

His name just means "the mighty, famously bright, traveller.

Very cool game, glad you are starting to make bank off of these games.


Very nifty, as usual. The atmosphere is tense enough to feel obliged to solve the puzzle, yet not too scary to be distracting. I think I've skipped two artefacts: one above the big square grid, as I couldn't find how to interact with it; and one on the screen where you have to freeze a pattern - I don't seem to find the right combination. Overall, a very creative mechanic, very interesting

The one above or right and above big square grid are also interacted by that grid. And as freezing pattern, try clicking numbers on keyboard and see what shape appears. Order of clicking matters BTW.


To continue my "all of Ferociter's games are set in the same universe" theory, this is the factory that would later go on to become the setting of Warper's first chapter.

Just finished the game! I had more fun on it that in A forgotten seal where the challenges were harder! Can't wait for the next games, this is definitely going on my wishlist ^^ Thank you for this good moment!


I think I'm the first person to find the secret room? I'm honestly not sure since I got it on my first playthrough and it honestly wasn't that hard to find. I don't know how to mark something as a spoiler so I'm going to put the image of the room in the reply to this comment.

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Could you give a hint to where it is please? Feel like I've been everywhere but can't find anything


Not only have you been everywhere, but can promise you that you've been mere steps from the start of the path to the secret room, and just didn't know it, even before you started thoroughly exploring.

There's a pit you fall down to reach a room with gas tanks on your way to the end of the game. The secret room is on the other side of it. It's too big to jump across.

You have been on the other side of that pit already, you just couldn't do anything. You just need to get back on that side of the pit.

You need to complete every seal in the main factory as indicated by the office computers in order to open the path to get to the other side of the pit.

Then you need to go somewhere that you probably didn't think was an option, and completely forgot about by the time you finished all the seals.


Thanks for the tip. After reading that I immediately remember a place I'd like to check before going down but ended up forgetting.

The secret only reveals memo from last sane employee but it's worth getting nonetheless.


Thanks, I finally got there, but frustratingly, I tried on my first play through and instead of something new it restarted the game for me! Had to switch browsers for it to work.

you can jump across if you really really tried but it takes like hours i dont suggest trying just take it from me

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Just started playing this, and I already love it! Currently a little stumped so I haven't gotten to the end yet but I'm sure I'll figure it out :)))

(not stumped anymore, haven't actually encountered any really confusing things yet! So far a good game for if you're like me and mildly dumb with a slow reaction time xD and its fun!)

And yet another brilliant game with some incredibly well thought out mechanics and some fantastic puzzles. I am always impressed you achieve to create such high quality and intricate puzzles without over-complicating anything or relying on gimmicks.