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I always come back to play this game. Very excited for the sequel!

great ! I specially loved the final

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Amazing game!
I actually beat the game on cool math games and I’m replaying it on

Looking forward to beating this game again! (It isn’t everyday you find such a good game)

Edit: omg I’m so rusty! 20 minutes in and I’m stuck at the portion after the 2nd temple (the one which introduces the moving rain clouds in case i remember wrongly)

Second edit: haha, i was just stuck on that one part! Finished the spore temple and doing the platforming sections to the next temple! (Wow, moving darkness Mold thingys!) 

Third Edit: yes!!! I reached the elders! Time to get the 3 pieces and the secret ending… i thank the elders for their offerings (or whatever it was called, i forgot)

took a while, but i'm at the secret ending!!!! final guantlet

Simple art, yet aesthetically pleasing, simple mechanics, yet challending, beautiful game, though the final checkpoint is a bit long

Got really close to beating the game, but it gets brutal by the end lol. I really hope you make a sequel, and I hope you make a sequel to amidst the sky too! :D Keep coding!


Amidst the Sky's direct sequel got decently far into development (see: old blog post). As of now it has about twice the content as the entirety of the original.
It'll be a while before I continue that though, as I'm working on some smaller projects and finishing Cursed Travels: Sunken City first.


Cool! Looking forward to all your new projects. You're a great coder and you have a bright future. I hope you have a good day!


Just wanted to say I absolutely love this game! The game is difficult without being frustrating, the art style is beautiful, and the level design is very  creative. Especially the secret ending, seriously gave me some Celeste vibes in terms of difficulty (but that might just be me being bad with a keyboard). I'm very excited for the remake!

Have you ever thought about making a sequel to this game?

Yes, a remake with way more content:
- Tweet with visuals
- Tweet with some thoughts

Sidenote: the background you see in the first tweet is the background that took me the most time to make ever (so far).

Excellent game. Very, very intuitive with very little text on screen, pushes mechanics very far without compromising on the approachability of each room. Apparently there’s a secret ending, but i reckon i need a lot more time to find it.

Does any of you guys know where the right half is?

nvm I got it

WOW this game is basically perfect. Incredible level design, fun mechanics, nice ambience. Great job

i would make people pay money for this game

it's hard. it's fun.

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Once again we need to save the world with hardcore playforming😄

There's a typo in the shrine.

Great game as always!


That is some difficult well made platforming, Ferociter! I've played this a couple times already but I figured out that there may be secrets in all of your games so I decided to revisit this and found the secret rooms. Good work as always! Hope to see more games from you!


just replayed it again for the same ending :thumbs_up:

Last section with the water column with mold going up it is way too hard

I take it back, every part behind that sealed door is too hard


And please don't make it any easier

hey man you should try the secret ending, It's wayyyy harder

Maybe someday but for now I’ve been trying to beat Just One Boss Hard Mode Hitless

Guess I liked it ;)

same i liked the funny explosion of the big fungi


Also, Can you please add a checkpoint here




That part took me about an hour

Same, but I did it eventually - it would be great to have a checkpoint


Hi Ferociter! Just wanted to say, what a simply amazing game this is! Not too long, not too short. difficult, but not impossible and beautiful designs!

The inner sanctum is evil, especially the part with the big rotating mold bar and the keys. Had fun though. 


are you talking bout the secret ending

No, the main ending is easy for me now, I don't know where the secret ending is. I know there is a pu maualuga i le puipui agavale o le malumalu i totonu (translate from samoan --> english for potential spoiler) but I don't know how to get there

well first you need to find 2 secret artifacts and then to go the hole on the left wall past the doors then do some extremely hard jet platforming
(spoiler below)

first one is at the bottom left main door artifact. You need to get to the grass area and get in the hole on the left wall
second one is in a hole at the top of one of the temples you use to unlock things (I think it was the moving water clouds one)
then you go to the shortcut unlock in the door temple and go up the small water fountains then jump off to he side on the last one to get in.
the rest is up to you, your skill and your persistence.

Dang it I knew there was something with that grass area but I didn't know what... Thanks I'll try this out

you are welcome fellow gamer

10/10 game, pretty nice platforming.

What an experience this was. Fantastic game! I think something that might get looked over, but proves just how great you are at game design is that from each checkpoint if you reset or died you could almost immediately jump back into the challenge. It didn't start the cycle of obstacles in an awkward space where you had to wait 10 or 15 seconds before you could actually start playing again. I look forward to seeing more great things from you. 5/5

Hm... At first I though it was strange that the secret levels Supposedly didn't give you anything even though it did. but then I realized that those signs were not from the dev, but in fact from the elders. Hm...


nwod uoy tel annog reven pu uoy evig annog reven say this in reverse

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If Cataractae had a bad ending:

The Darkness Mold kills the Hero and the Hero never lives again

Darkness Mold is overgrowing

The world is swallowed in Infinite Darkness

The message of the ending will be:

The world, not protected by the Gem,  failed to save the world from the Darkness Mold.

The world is swallowed in Infinite Darkness  for a very long time.

uhh small mistake i think it's

The hero, not protected by the Gem, failed to save the world from the Darkness Mold

Deleted post

Let's go!! After using a walkthrough to get the hidden keys, I got the secret ending. That whole section was insane!!

man you used a walkthrough? I just tried to go into openings to see if i could break the game or escape the map for an ending but, instead I found a hidden thing so I decided to search for them and honestly, I thought there was 3 one for each key but it was just 2 :|

solid jetpack mechanics, but i died about 400 times on the death elevator in the final temple

Which one? The one where you move slower than the block so you have to go to the side and wait?

Hey I play this on a laptop and for some reason when i enter the water makes my game lag very hard and sometimes even makes the tab reload itself. I was wondering if it’d be possible to add a remove particles option or something similar. It would be very helpful. thanks.

p.s. If the creator of this game reads this, I want you to know that you should be proud of your work as it is the most entertaining “flash game” on the internet.


I'm alarmed to discover from the comments that the bonus challenge rewards a different ending, because I would have wanted to achieve the normal ending first, and started the bonus challenge on the understanding that there really was no reward (as was stated at the start). Now I'm partway through the bonus room and I really don't want to lose that progress, so (I assume) I'll never see the normal ending unless I lose the progress or replay the whole game.

Other than that, phenomenal as always. Does feel a bit too linear to be called a "metroidvania," the same way Amidst the Sky did; even though you're technically backtracking for collectibles, you generally know exactly where to go and it's very driven toward progressing in those few directions. (I realize now it wasn't you who called it that, actually it was Bart Bonte. But the point stands.)


Don't worry, contrary to Amidst the Sky and Drifting Among Worlds, there's a way to get (warp, perhaps I should call it) back after you've seen the Secret Ending.

Oh OK nice, thanks for letting me know! Now I can continue to die repeatedly on the laser part without concern.


this part really need's a check point it is really hard


yeah, no he continuado el juego por causa de este nivel especifico 

I know I Spent 30 minutes trying to beat it

huh well i was working my way through the secret area and i accidentally phased through the floor and got the true ending i tried it again and the glitch is repeatable and i think it works in other areas as well but im not sure (look i aint explaining it in explicit detail to everyone so they can abuse it)


If they abuse it that's their choice to not get the full experience of the end of the game. I think it's more important to give Casper as many details as possible in case he happens to want to try to fix it.

Man, whatever that tech is, I can't figure it out, and it would be a BIG deal if anybody wanted to speedrun this game.  Oh well, I guess :(

This was absolutely amazing! The controls were great and the game was challenging but not too hard, as per usual, such as with the secret room that I never seem to find. I hope to see more of your games soon!

I was wondering @Ferociter, how skilled are you at your own games? ;-)


I don't know how to aswer that without it seeming like bragging, which in itself already sounds a bit like bragging.
Just keep in mind that I've played my games more than anyone, for obvious reasons.

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It's not bragging when someone asks you specifically for it, in my opinion at least :-) But I hear you ;-) It could swing a few ways I think, indeed, because you test it a lot, you could be really good at it, or, you would be able to calibrate it with help of others or based on experience, without the need of being really good at it yourself.

Either case, I was just wondering how that works, thanks for the (quick) answer!

Loved this new game, its like Tower of the Scorched Sea meets Cursed Travels. Great work as always, Casper :)

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This game is extremely good and one of the best I have ever played.
The controls are smooth and nice to use, the music fits with the game very well and is generally nice to listen to, the pixel art is excellent and the gameplay feels great.
There's really nothing bad i could say about the game except maybe the obscene difficulty of the later challenges on your first playthrough, but most would see that as a good thing. Cataractae is in my opinion the best game ferociter has made so far, one of the best web games overall and one of my favorite games ever. It is also the only game where i have dedicated considerable time in speedrunning, and i hope to continue to get better at it.

Current PB/WR:

Current PB/WR for secret ending:


Pffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, step by step, one segment per day, I'm getting through the secret area, but man oh man, this is frustrating. Did I say some parts really are frustrating?


Can you pls add a checkpoint in the final level b4 the elevator of death

other than that its awesome 

Yeah, that was the first part that got me frustrated as well... be prepared for more though ;-)

it isn't that hard tbh
here are some tips:
-try to get consistent at the first section. for the spores i hit the first one, then the fourth, the third and then the second one. uses no gem power and gets you over without waiting (assuming you don't wait at the start and go right in. The rest is quite easy with practice
-usually for the death elevator you go up, see the black thingy go near you, then go to the side and press up for about 1 second total (floating in place), then go back. that should keep you clear of the black thingy. honestly you have to test and find your own rhythm.
-don't panic. it really helps.

Fun game! :D

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I know there's some hints down below, but I figured, let's start my own thread at the top. Does anyone have any concrete hints regarding ...

Edit: Nvm, just saw there's an elaborate explanation below already.

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