One hero is chosen to make their journey to deliver the Purifying Gem to the shrine high above. Navigating through the tricky platorms, waterfalls, and festering darkness will prove difficult, or so the Elders say. Luckily, the Gem allows its bearer to float, so that even a surface dweller can navigate through the unforgiving landscapes and ancient temples.

Reach the Shrine, lest the lands be swallowed in Infinite Darkness.

- Left, right arrow keys / A, D: Move
- Up arrow key / W / Z / K / Space: Jump, float
- Down arrow key / S: Interact, ???
- Escape / P: Pause
- M: Mute
- Q (while paused): Quit to main menu

Updated 10 days ago
Published 12 days ago
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Difficult, Exploration, Metroidvania, parallax, Pixel Art, secrets, Singleplayer


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This was absolutely amazing! The controls were great and the game was challenging but not too hard, as per usual, such as with the secret room that I never seem to find. I hope to see more of your games soon!

I was wondering @Ferociter, how skilled are you at your own games? ;-)


I don't know how to aswer that without it seeming like bragging, which in itself already sounds a bit like bragging.
Just keep in mind that I've played my games more than anyone, for obvious reasons.

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It's not bragging when someone asks you specifically for it, in my opinion at least :-) But I hear you ;-) It could swing a few ways I think, indeed, because you test it a lot, you could be really good at it, or, you would be able to calibrate it with help of others or based on experience, without the need of being really good at it yourself.

Either case, I was just wondering how that works, thanks for the (quick) answer!

Loved this new game, its like Tower of the Scorched Sea meets Cursed Travels. Great work as always, Casper :)

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This game is extremely good and one of the best I have ever played.
The controls are smooth and nice to use, the music fits with the game very well and is generally nice to listen to, the pixel art is excellent and the gameplay feels great.
There's really nothing bad i could say about the game except maybe the obscene difficulty of the later challenges on your first playthrough, but most would see that as a good thing. Cataractae is in my opinion the best game ferociter has made so far, one of the best web games overall and one of my favorite games ever. It is also the only game where i have dedicated considerable time in speedrunning, and i hope to continue to get better at it.

Current PB/WR:

Current PB/WR for secret ending:


Pffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, step by step, one segment per day, I'm getting through the secret area, but man oh man, this is frustrating. Did I say some parts really are frustrating?


Can you pls add a checkpoint in the final level b4 the elevator of death

other than that its awesome 

Yeah, that was the first part that got me frustrated as well... be prepared for more though ;-)

Fun game! :D

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I know there's some hints down below, but I figured, let's start my own thread at the top. Does anyone have any concrete hints regarding ...

Edit: Nvm, just saw there's an elaborate explanation below already.

Just happened to stumble upon a secret door.
but it is closed.
Is there any way to open it? :-)


Yeah, there's two key fragments hidden in the world, hints are given below by others. Can't find one of the parts though.


From my bad memory, one of the pieces is in one of the temples (not the final one).
Basically a one room thing there and at the top, where waterfalls move left with black stuff in the way, there is a hole in the top of the room.

other one is, if I remember correctly, from the very bottom of the world, the path to the left (which also leads to a normal key piece).
there is a section where you fall down through some winding black goo paths, having to collect fuel and fly around, basiclly "dont touch the wall while flying stuff.
at the bottom of that, to the right is a wll with a tiny opening above it.
normal way to go here would be to go left and up through another goo tunnels flying section.

if you looking for it, you will easily find the opening.
Getting in there ia the hard part cause after all the goo dodging while moving downwards, you have to keep a certain amount of fuel.
and obviously react fast enough so you can fly into that opening.

Very elaborate explanation. Got them both now. Left the challenge behind the door for later 馃槈

Finally made it through that area, really nice surprise there.
jsut took me tons of tries to get there :-)


this is like another game called above the clouds something like that

it is literally made from the same person :-)

I did not know that (i dont pay attention to who made it :( )


great game great work - congrats
i do really like the style and moreover short but teasing story
looking forward to more stuff from you :)

I would like to download can you exported for windows

good job it's different cool game


i think i lost 20 years of my life trying to beat this

Normal ending or true ending? ;-)


fantastic game as always

cataractae means waterfalls btw

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I almost gave up at the (real) last challenge. 馃

Great game as usual.

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Yeah I'm stuck lol

How many checkpoints in the last challenge?

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I should specify; I almost gave up after the last checkpoint.

Guess I must be close then lol


Great Game. Wish I knew what was at the end of the secret room after getting both keys. That one was just way to difficult for me to pull off.




Final salvation :-)

My eyes get tired trying to track this tiny character


Dear Casper, if I were ever to meet you, I really don't know whether I would smack you on the back of our devious head, or to hug you. This has been the most frustrating yet profoundly satisfying gaming experience in 2021, or maybe even the last 2 years, right behind Outer Wilds.

Keep 'em coming you beautiful bastard!

The small screen along with the dark brown, red, and purple colors made it very hard to see since I'm colorblind. Zooming in makes it blurry. You should nearest neighbor texture filtering. I want to keep those crisp, delicious pixels looking sharp.

This was a lot of fun. I really like how you can recharge your gem meter from the waterfalls. The controls were really smooth and responsive. Keep up the great work! 

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I'm not sure if this cookie is Ferociter's, but I think the game sends a message if ANY cookies are blocked. You don't need to unblock all cookies, just the cookies on this page.


either i suck at playing or its too hard. either way good game :]

No worries, it is quite hard, keep trying though, it feels quite rewarding when you get through, although I'm now almost at a level where frustration beets anticipation ;)

It's indeed possible.
At least concerning the normal ending.
The true ending is something for masochists :-)

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Can anyone give me any hints on the blue stream upwards? Is it a matter of going up, moving out of the way, quickly move in the stream again, repeat?

EditNvm, power of posting, got to the top, *phew* this was one area I was about to give up on. 


I think it was a bad decision not to have a save point between the two sections, it makes it needlessly frustrating since you have to wait 15 seconds to get through the timed gates every time you fail the vertical section.

Yeah good point indeed, although, arguably, it could also just be too hard for me to easily go through. Made it through nonetheless, now yet an even more difficult challenge awaits.

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Tough but fair, 10/10 in every category! Got through my first run with 84 deaths and 5 R's.

Why is there an orange key there? Why would anyone need to get that orange key? Unless they would have to go through the bottom half for some reason...oh.

And 141 more deaths and 5 more R's to get to the fungus.

Nice game! Thanks to make such great game!

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Checkpoints don't work for me in Firefox, not sure what the issue is.  It's too bad since this looks like a game I'd really like.  I notice that is returning a 403 response with message "Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object."

Edit: I was able to play the game in Safari but experienced lag/stuttering which became intolerable later on in the game.  Not sure if that's the fault of the game or my browser or computer.

Outstanding game, just wish I could play it properly :/

great game as you always do :)


Great game! the lasers seem a bit off and it is kinda anyoing, but besides that the end secreat area was beaten with only a little bit of hand cramp

Towards the final room, I literally had to switch hands since my one hand had already lost any fine movement abilities by then :-D

Great game as always :)

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Pretty awesome and well-balanced game! Controls are spot-on, I'm a sucker for pixelated adventure games and the music is very nice. Difficulty is spot-on as well, it's really tricky, but it never feels too tiring to get through difficult spots. Really good effort! I do have to admit, I'm now in the Shrine and I'm now at the point that I'm getting annoyed too much. 

Spoiler below (screenshot did not work)

I'm in the area where you have to hop between the 'slow lasers' just before an upward river with fast moving black blobs.

Thank you for another very enjoyable game!

Great game - very tough, but never felt unfair, especially as the player control was spot on.  Getting the true ending nearly drove me insane but glad I persisted

woah that was hard. But what a sense of accomplishment!


Hi, could you please give a hint about location of the second part of the secret key? I have the one from deep down.


It's in one of the buildings, and it is up!

Thanks, I totally missed that one.

is it in the biggest building with the keys?? i know theres a small corridor up there but it doesn't seem to lead anywhere

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It's in one of the buildings you visit early on.

i (finally) found it!! thank you <3

Where is the secret door? I can't find it :(.

You can press 'down' at any time (except on a checkpoint) to show indicators where the keys are. Did you not read the hints? ;-)


I don't mean the three piece key, but the two piece secret one for the secret door

Oh, I didn't even realize there's a secret door with key, haha, sorry

One small improvement I might suggest -- add a circle around the player showing the pickup radius. Some of the puzzles require precise air manouvering to pickup all of the pickups, and this would help to visualise when you hit and when you miss

Game ini sangat seru, mirip dengan getting over it dan pogostuck. saya sangat mengapresiasi develop. karena sangat kreatif.

Whew finally beat the true ending. The Abyssal Fungus is gone!!! Another amazing game. Bravo once again, Ferociter. 


What's with that small hard-to-access room at the lowest key piece area. That you get after dropping through black.

The room that you cannot reach on the right just after landing in the high grassy area? Yeah, I was hoping to be able to access that later, but no such luck yet.


You have to start flying while you're still in the air. Totally doable, just difficult and only necessary for the true end! :)

Ok, maybe I should give it a go again then, if the game lets me, because I'm already in the final stage, I thin

You need to descend efficiently. You can make it with up to ~70% meter left, though you only need ~55%.


Really good! Feels similar to Nifflas' early stuff

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