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How did you add so many animation scene into the game? Did you add videos? I've played a lot of your games and they play an animated scene at the beginning and end of the game

Got all endings! Fun game. :D

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kinda funny how when the elder is talking about how stupid you are for hitting the gong, one of the endings he talks about is ironically the worst one out of all 10 endings. 

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How do you get ending four?


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how do you get ending 10

Edit: Nvm I got it.

Very cool little game. Got all of the endings ;) Very small game, could use more depth, but it remains very cohesive. The artstyle, music, and general tone is coherent and permeates every aspect of this game. The poems for each ending are fun which, again, contribute to that similar tone. Easy 7/10


Nice game. How do you get ending 2?

Keep saying no that you dont understand


the ending 1 is just to stay still


How do you get ending 1?

just sit still for awhile lol


i'm missing ending 1 :(

just sit still for awhile lol