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very cool game i just cant figure out the 4 torches puzzle


27:39 without the intent of speedrunning so i guess its a good time



troll face pillar


new new record of 22 minutes 47 seconds

I managed to get 22 minutes 20 seconds (and I still died multiple times)

Kinda surprised that I did.


new record of 25 minutes 40 seconds

26 minutes 12 seconds

tip: there are multiple parts where you have to lower a platform or press a button while arrows from above periodically force you to leave the platform. except they don't force you because you can simply stand in between the arrows without getting hit. 


I think I first played this on Armor Games or somewhere way back when it came out, but I've come back to replay it a couple times. Just got a casual 38:27, not too shabby!

(I speedran Firefly Forest, but I don't tend to enjoy pushing myself to perform well in skill challenges like this one. I'm just happy with whatever I get.)


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this game is AWESOME!

89 minutes 12 seconds

48 minutes 49 seconds, but I've played it before so I knew most of the puzzle solutions

Possibly the best game I've played in a very long time!


This game made me feel like a kid again! Challenging but fair. Great atmosphere. I'd pay money for this.


I'm so close to finishing this amazing game, but I can't figure out the color puzzle with the blocks. Please help!


I know you probably haven't thought about this game in a while, but in the color puzzle, the yellow block turns when it hits a corner but fails when it hits a wall that isn't a corner. Try solving it one quadrant at a time, in this order: red, blue, green, purple.

What a great platformer! Tough enough to be interesting, the puzzles are great! Loved it