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such a relaxing fishing game it caught me off guard I actually thought it would secretly be a horror game but it is a 10/10 relaxing generic fishing game


This game is very relaxing, my doctor said that it cured my chronic anxiety. Thank you for providing the populous with such a relaxing fishing game.

This is such a relaxing fishing game. I can barley belive how relaxing it is.


great game! very relaxing, wish there were more relaxing bosses and fish to catch.


This is such a relaxing fishing game with a very peaceful atmosphere! Very useful when you want to relax for a while. 10/10


very relaxing 10/10


Beat the game. very very relaxing and fun.


Nice relaxing fishing game💀

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I'm just wondering, what's that smallest and largest fish that you can possibly catch? Because the smallest I've seen is 15.10, and the largest I've seen is 35.90.


i search for an normal peaceful game bruh

wtf bro

Good mysterious game! 



Ah, the classic "secretly a horror game" game, never seen that before. Ugh.

I'm not sorry


This is not generic at all😂


Went into this ready for something totally relaxing ended up having a blast thank you.




lmao the human looking fish threw me off guard when I caught I'm like bro wtf is dis XD love this game sm have a nice day/night/afternoon!


this made me question if it was actually supposed to be in the horror game made me die 5 times combined at the second and 3 parts and i love the fishing mechanic because i have reaction time of a god.

relaxing lol

This could turn into an awesome full game, maybe even make a VR version like they did to the game Don't Touch Anything. Also, is the endless mode actually just a regular fishing game? Any way, big shout out to Ferociter, your games are my favorite. (When's the next cursed travels coming out?)


That was the best gameplay i ever had it was fun!

Fun :)

ótimo jogo :D

the best gam of 21 century


Great game, definitely not what I expected. The ending made me laugh.

Generic Fishing Game Walkthrough

Best. Fishing. Game. Ever.

Deleted post

Let any fish Who meets my gaze
Learn the true meaning of fear
For I am the harbringer of death
The bane of creatures subaqueous
My rod is true and unwavering
As I cast into the aquatic abyss
A man, scorned by this uncaring earth
Finds solace in the sea
My only friend
The worm upon my hook
Wriggling, writhing
Struggling to surmount
The mortal pointlessness
That permeates this barren world
I am alone
I am empty
And yet
I fish


There's a hat with that on it

thats deep!


hm what. hum cool.

This was so fun, I loved the big twist and the timing mechanics, great game!

this is really random lol but I really love ur pfp slayyy <3

Deleted post



Let's play a round of "Is this actually a simple demo with a generic name or a psychological horror game disguised as a demo with a simple name?"

yo the first time i played this i thought it was a normal game, i had no idea it was a horror game lmao


guys i have no idea if this is a horror game

Did NOT expect that...


Gave it a Let's Play ;0 



Deleted post

Such a relaxing little game, everyday after school i like to play this game while getting a cold beer, you know what they say right?
Gotta catch them all!

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