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In the room with the tombstones that had ranks, I was able to brute-force it.

This looks familliar...


If You press two or more directions at the same time you can select multiple ones. z

Huh, you're right, nice find. Luckily, it doesn't seem to break the game. Putting it on the list of small fixes for whenever I'm putting the first 4 Cursed Travels into a bundle.

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The difficulty on these puzzles were varied but some of them were really fun and a hard challenge. The one with the military rank was kind of boring and it was too easy to brute force it but the rest were all good. I liked the platforming aspect. The first time i fought the final boss it didn't really move around that much. I really didn't like how it was X to interact with things but the menu used Z, It really threw me off. 


I am a huge fan of this series. I enjoy the style, the graphics and the sound design. Specially I get super hook to the story and the mysteries and the puzzles.

On this chapter though, I didn’t get hook as much. I feel less like in a mystery story and more like in a precision platformer game with basic random (hardly connected with the story) puzzles.

I get stress with the timing and the jumpings that fail, and this gets the joy out of me.

Good job anyway, and I keep following the serie ;)


Thanks for the feedback, appreciated! With these "smaller" Cursed Travels web games I'm playing around a bit with the gameplay and whatnot to see what works. As such, I expect people to like other entries more than others.

I think you'll like the fourth web game in the series more, and the big Sunken City themed game will focus a LOT on the aspects you mentioned liking, so keep an eye out for that as well!

Brilliant design with interesting puzzles! I’ve played all of episodes in trilogy! Thank you for giving us these wonderful works!

I think I play these games in part just to see that high five at the end. Great job as always!

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In the walking flames section, I tried to use the van to get higher, but I still can't reach "where the grass reach the highest". So if you have any clue, let me know because I have absolutly no idea how to reach that spot.

Nevermind, I misread the clue of this arena lol

well now I have absolutely no idea as well please help me

(spolier) You just have to place the SealBreakerTM on the spot where the grass grows more than in the rest of the level. But first, you have to get the walking flames to the unlit torches (which should be not very complicated).

oh ok thanks!

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Quite fun puzzles, as usual, although the ending did feel a bit disappointing after all that build-up. No clue where the secret area would be, I'll have a look around I suppose.

Edit: found where the entrance probably is, now how to get in...

(!duol tuo hgual em edam taht ,knar rieht togrof lareneg eht woh etaicerppa I)

Yeah, multiple people have suggested the boss could be more interesting, so I'm currently making an effort to make the boss of the next one a lot more exciting.
However, the focus with these games is mostly on the puzzles, so don't expect anything too crazy.

(.eno taht gnicrofeturb ton no boj doog ,haH)

!reveN ?eM ?ecrof-eturB

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This game was using over 90% CPU and lagging like crazy. Turning on hardware acceleration in Chrome's settings fixed it, but that setting occasionally corrupts YouTube videos. 

But anyways the lag-free version of this game was great as always! I found what appears to be a secret symbol but I have no idea what it means.

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From placing candles, to throwing win.... weak holy water and to placing seal breakers.

Anyways, after some confusion finally managed to beat this game.

I might need to replay the windmill again cause I haven't solved that one yet.

[couple hours later]

Ah so that's how you solve windmill puzzle. It was simpler than I thought before.

As for secret room, I'm not sure if I've found it but I found unrelated area with unknown symbol.



Also, the one with the out of order locations seems to be incorrect, the first two numbers say 3, then 4, but it seems to actually be 3, then 5, then the others (not listed to avoid spoiling it)

I got it using the order given, I think it's correct. I don't want to describe the actual locations, but it seemed to work the way I expected it to. The text clue on the small screen was a bit confusing, so I basically just ignored it and followed my intuition as to how to interpret the big screen, and it worked.


.serutcip eht redro ot srebmun eht desu neht dna .cte nwohs rebmun tsrif eht htiw nwohs erutcip tsrif eht detaicossa I


elddim reppu ,swodniw dezis yltnereffid eht neewteB :1

thgir rewol ,swodniw llams fo nmuloc eht ni tsewol dnoceS :2

tfel reppu ,stracenim owt eht neewteB :3

thgir reppu ,galf gnicaf-thgir eht ot txeN :4

tfel reppu ,steparap eht fo elddiM :5

Ohhh, I guess if you think of it in terms of that it makes sense.

I wonder if it's just an oddly worded hint that is parsed wrong by people like me (or maybe just me, idk). Your logic checks out though and is most likely the correct one!

Many times I've run into puzzles that just didn't make sense to me because the developer's intuition or logic flow didn't line up with mine. Sometimes it can help to play other puzzle games by the same developer to try to get a sense for their logic.

Yeah, it's weird since I've played pretty much all of their other games, but only this time did I get tripped up by a different chain of logic!

Starting with the second seal, I'm never given any sealbreakers, so I can't continue. I wonder if it has anything to do with the 403 errors being thrown in the console:

Source map error: Error: request failed with status 403 Resource URL: Source Map URL:

Is your browser saving progress? When on the second level, try quitting the game (press P, then Q). If the Continue option isn't there on the title screen, the game is unable to save your progress.
If this is the case, avoid playing in incognito mode, or if you weren't anyway: check your browser settings or switch browsers.

If you mean you aren't given a second SealBreaker(tm), did you put down the first one at the correct place long enough and then talk to Fargleton?

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It's apparently not, since it gives the warning at the start. I'm not in incognito mode, and my browser settings should be set to allow usage of localStorage (although that has been acting up a little bit due to some games with horribly unoptimized save files).

I put it down, talked to Fargleton and moved to the next section where I'm taught to move the van around.

EDIT: After manually clearing a slew of data from the hwcdn domain, it works now (it's a fatal flaw of itch's web game system >.<)

any hints or tips on how to get the secret room? not sure where to start...

I just figured out where to start but not how to proceed.

...pilf ot evah uoy sngis eht htiw aera eht fo edis thgir eht no ffuts driew emos s'erehT

i have played the other two, and recorded it, and posted it in my youtube channel, and i was debating on whether i wanted to record this one to, because i knew i would be on and off playing it, so i didnt, and then i regretted it 🥲 especiallyy since i know i will probably never be able to get the puzzles again, but its an amazing game! (by the way, i have like, 4 more seals to break)

I don't have any idea where to start looking for the secret room.


I like the secret room it really helps flesh out this world. But I have the nagging feeling that there is another. Also incredible game I really enjoyed the creativity of the puzzles and it was extremely satisfying when you solved them. Great job and keep doing what you love.

Yay found the secret room. It is scary! Thank you, Ferociter!

Another great addition to the Cursed Travels series. This one was so much fun! Great puzzles, atmosphere, sound design, etc. Just wish I could find the secret room!

Hey Ferociter, I love your games but I always get this bug where it seems to forget I'm playing at some point? Like unlocked abilities etc stop existing and when I exit out to the main menu 'New Game' is the only option. This happens across all of your games so it might be something about what I'm doing but if you (or anyone) know anything about the bug it'd be great. Thanks!


I know this is a little late, and I'm not Ferociter, but this is probably on your end, and due to either permissions settings (allow cookies, allow save files, etc) or you have way too much data in the file designated for, so clear data (MAY CAUSE PROGRESS LOSS IN OTHER GAMES) or update permissions.

Oh, also, bug report, in the tunnel leading from the entrance to the secret room to the actual secret room itself, if you attempt to place down a thing in a corner the game freezes

Correction, placing down a seal breaker anywhere in the secret room and the corridor leads to a game freeze.

Ah, thank you for reporting, I'll fix that right away.
Good job on finding the secret room by the way.

I found the secret room, I wonder if we'll be visiting this "Sunken City" in the next game.

I feel like this one has a secret as well but I currently don't have any clue as to where it could be. Unless the area just above the sigil is simply a reference to a few of the other games.

Great work, really enjoyed it. Also hope to play as the little winged friend next time. Here's hoping you win that RPS game next adventure. <3

Great game. Thanks for sharing it. 

Controls are smooth, platforming is comfortable, sounds are great and the puzzles are somewhat hard. Really liked the windmill one. Had to brut force the "up -> left -> ..." one tho. Final puzzles were way to easy imo.

Anyway, great story, cool gameplay and a nice atmosphere

the hint opening/closing sound is satisfying, spent 25 seconds straight spamming x/l, Good puzzler.


Just for you, I've just now added those sounds to the next Cursed Travels game I'm currently working on as well.

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Oh cool, right after I finally finished Cataractae's secret ending, you make a new game. Awesome! And a part of my favourite of your series.